Meet Pastor Dale Dawson &

His Wife Mary

Pastor Dale and his wife Mary are from Baltimore, Maryland where they met as Department Store Buyers. Six months after their wedding, Dale's company, Revlon, transferred them to Los Angeles. It was here, early in their marriage that they came to know the Lord.


Dale and Mary both have strong retail, corporate backgrounds. The Lord continues to use them both in business and ministry. In 1984 Dale was asked to teach the Adult Sunday School class at Woodland Hills Christian Church. He ultimately went on to Pastor that church. Dale & Mary were there for 8 years. The Lord then called them into a home church ministry that outgrew the home and became Lighthouse Christian Church. This ministry operated until 2008 when the Lord led them to Chatsworth Lake.


To them it is a match made in heaven. Dale has a heart for small church ministry and is able to do what He loves and is called to, teaching and preaching the Word of God. Mary is by his side and leads the Women's Ministry. The Lord is also using them in the town of Montrose where they have two stores and are involved serving with the Montrose Shopping Park Association.


Fun fact! Pastor Dale is related to wild west lawman Wyatt Earp. To read more CLICK HERE.

Meet Our Elders & Wives

We seek to follow the biblical model of church leadership as outlined in Timothy and Titus.